So many of our supporters send messages that they do not want a hat mailed to them, but would like to donate to help
Carlos Raymond and Halo Hats purchase more beanies. Your donation can be any amount that could even assist with the costs of mailing a Halo Head beanie to a child with cancer at a remote hospital. It costs a minimum of $5.00 (envelope and shipping) to get a beanie out to a child at a hospital.Halo Hats often offers to send a Halo Head beanie to comfort a child that is posted on social media or even recommended to Halo Hats by a family or friend who knows a child with cancer that would love to receive a beanie.Carlos and our team loves reaching out and giving Halo Head beanies.
This section “SPREADING SMILES TWO HATS AT A TIME” does just that. If you would like to send a beanie to a child send us a message to email: linda@halohats.com. You can simply send a beanie even without a donation. If you would like to give a beanie or donate to assist with Carlos' mission of SPREADING SMILES TWO HATS AT A TIME please click:


We encourage all our supporters and viewers to send a message to the children at every hospital that Carlos gives a Halo Head beanie to. So please send a message in this box and we will assure you that your messages will be heard. A word of encouragement to the child or family that is supporting the children. We would also like if you can post a picture of you wearing your new Halo Hat, so that we can share on our social media and also show the children how much you care with your message. You can be a part of the SPREADING SMILES ONE WORD AT A TIME.

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