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Meet Our Team

Larraine Saavedra


Sister of Carlos. Supporting Carlos’ lifelong goal of becoming financially independent and inspiring others.

Natalia Saavedra


Sister of Carlos, supporting Carlos dream and making his creativity become a reality. 


Veronica Maseda

Virtual Assistant

Supporting Carlos in daily business activities required to make Halo Hats a success. 


Arielle Figueredo


Official HaloHats photographer, promoter, sales representative and everything in between. Photos by Arielle

Nicholas Koontz,

Video Producer

I’m both honored and proud to be a part of Halo Hats with Carlos Raymond and his family. I look forward to working the events and capturing a true meaning of “giving”.
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Linda Tomasso Saavedra,


Carlos’ Mom. Supporting Carlos with monetizing his personal message and creating a lifelong legacy.

Introducing Halo Hats

HHLogoFor every hat that is purchased from Halo Hats, Carlos Raymond will personally give away a free hat to a child that is on the same journey that he started at the age of six. Carlos knows what it feels like to be bald, and he surely recognizes the comforting feeling of wearing a hat during hair loss due to chemotherapy and radiation. For every hat purchased a child at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and other hospitals treating children for cancer, will be gifted with a free Halo Hat!

About Carlos & Hats

On October 11, 1996 Carlos was diagnosed with a “Medulloblastoma” malignant brain tumor. From October to December, Carlos endured two brain surgeries and shortly after began his first session of chemotherapy at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN. After a series of miracles, Carlos survived both surgeries and was on his way to recovery. The intense rounds of chemotherapy caused Carlos to be bald and produced a significant amount of scar tissue.


As Carlos’ parents made their annual Christmas card in December 1996, they did not want people to see a picture of their three children and only see Carlos’ illness. They wanted friends and family to look past Carlos’ baldness and sickness and rather see his beautiful smile, dark chestnut eyes, long eyelashes and more importantly let everyone know that Carlos survived! So for their 1996 Christmas card, Carlos’ parents decided that all three children would each wear different hats. This picture is featured on the Halo Hats website banner. With this picture, Carlos’ parents wanted to send a very important message to their family and friends: despite a little baldness, Carlos beat cancer.

During the years following Carlos’ recovery, he asked his parents, “will my hair ever grow back?” His parents responded that time will tell and encouraged young Carlos with positive thoughts. Carlos always wanted to wear a hat to feel more comfortable at school and to help prevent himself from being teased by naïve young kids for his baldness. It was like a little security blanket, something that made him look just like everyone else. Today, he has the confidence to be bald and wisdom to know how special and wonderful he is, just like his sisters.

About Halo Hats


One evening after completing a round of chemotherapy at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Carlos’ mom asked her son, “Do you believe in angels?” With a response filled with conviction, he told a story about five blessed angels that surrounded his bedside during his brain surgery. He said, “Of course I believe in angels mom, they were with me during my surgery and they told me I was going to be fine and not to worry.”  Hence, the name Halo Hats became the most appropriate name for Carlos’ new company, honoring his guardian angels.

We believe that Carlos’ angels have also made his company come to fruition. The company Halo Hats became officially legal on October 11, 2013, the same day as his diagnosis in 1996! Halo Hats is giving Carlos an opportunity to make a living and give something special in return to children in need of moral support. Children battling cancer also look up to Carlos as a role model and he instills in them the ability to BELIEVE. Carlos is a first hand example that they too can survive and become successful and generous.

Carlos’ journey would not have been possible without the miracle of God and his five guardian angels. Undoubtedly, the strong faith and continuous prayers from family and friends, helped Carlos overcome his illness.

Thank you for your continued encouragement towards Carlos Raymond and for supporting his endeavors to succeed and give back to kids just like him!